Thursday, May 21, 2015

Capri, Italy

Dress-Free People// Kimono-Free People

This weekend was probably my most awaited visit specifically because I just really love being by the water. Although a multitude of things seemed to go wrong, I honestly had one of the best times of my life. I mean this whole trip has really been such a crazy experience like one you see in a movie and think you will never have for yourself. You don’t think being in another country for a month will really change you until you actually go. Not to get too sappy, but I have met so many people that I couldn’t imagine not knowing (if that makes sense). My roommates and close friends on the trip are seriously amazing people. Although I wish we all met sooner, I know our friendship will continue to grow (and get weirder lol) once we are back at school. I could go on and on about this but lets not get crazy. Xoxo Kendall



Pompeii gave me goose bumps. You would think that a city buried under volcanic ash would be in pretty rough shape, but in all actuality the city has so much character to it. Our tour guide was so proud of her city and the story of Pompeii. I feel like every Italian I meet here is so passionate about their culture and country. It’s honestly not something I’m used to back in the states. It makes me want to learn more about my own culture so I can proudly represent my country the way Italians represent theirs. Its weird how being in a new place makes you think about your own home in such a different light. Now I’m just rambling (maybe the wine is getting to me). Anyways, happy Thursday! Thanks for listeningJ xoxo Kendall


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Siena + San Gimignano

Romper (similar)-Anthropologie// Sweater- Forever 21

If I could describe the atmosphere in Florence I would definitely say its much like New York. Very busy streets, a lot going on and shops lining every corner. Although I love the big city feel and hustle and bustle of Florence, it was refreshing to take a day trip to Sienna and San Gimignano to get a taste of the small town feel of Italy. Since both towns were quite small, there wasn’t a whole lot to do other than shopping and eating (which are actually my two favorite things so I’m not complaining). However, I really enjoyed just exploring the towns and taking in all of their beauty. In Sienna I had the most amazing lasagna, made by the cutest mother and daughter. Even though that was probably the best food I have had in Italy yet, I actually like San Gimignano better because it gave me more of a homey feel (and I also had the most amazing gelato of my life so you know that might have swayed my opinion too). If you get a chance I would highly recommend visiting either of these two cities. Xoxo Kendall


The Boboli Gardens

Romper-Free People// Sweater- Free People

If you want to feel like a fairytale princess, you must go to the Boboli Gardens at the Piti Palace. The greenery is perfectly sculpted, the flowers are beautifully bloomed and the view is unreal. If it wasn’t 10 euros, I would go there everyday to read a book and have a picnic on the lawn. Its just one of those places that makes you feel so relaxed. If I were here for longer, I would definitely make a trip back. Xoxo Kendall


Monday, May 11, 2015

Cinque Terre: Day Two!

Bathing suit- Free People top+Victoria's Secret Bottoms// Dress (similar)- Free People// Sunglasses- Ray Bans

Since we pretty much walked (and ate) all day Saturday, there was a mutual agreement amongst the group that we could use a day of relaxing by the water. Since Monterosso had the largest beach area, we headed there first. Our day was filled with rock climbing, beach laying, stuffing face and pina coladas! It was nice to enjoy a day at the beach because, for us Floridians, it felt like a little piece of home (especially since we were all missing our momma’s this Mother’s Day, Love you mom!). We met the nicest Italian man on the rock we swam out to. He told us about how at our age he was fearless and would jump off of the rocks head first into the water. What he said really got me thinking about how much being afraid affects our lives. I really want to make a conscious effort to try new things without a paralyzing fear of the what ifs. After one week I have already learned so much about myself from this culture and these people. I can’t wait to see what’s to come! Xoxo Kendall

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